About Long-haul Support Tools & Network

"Forums, Groups, Chats, Blogs, Events & Research Tools That Bring Together Long-haulers, Research Scientists & Clinicians to Solve The Mysteries of COVID-19 Long-haul Diseases."

The Foundation provides a complete set of tools so that Long-haul survivors can track and monitor their progress as we help them return to a healthy life.  We provide our volunteers with the ability to attend Forums, Participate in Groups,  Chat with one another and Blog and record a wide variety of clinical and health data that is used to better understand the extent of disability; measure recovery, and assist your clinicians better understand your disability.

For Long-haulers and people who need a simple way to track and monitor illnesses, side-effects and recovery progress the Foundation provides a Free Mobile App that can be downloaded from the Android Store.  But for those looking for a more robust approach to monitoring and researching Long-haul and vaccine illnesses the Foundation operates a complete Collaborative COVID-19 Research Network.

To Join the COVID-19 Long-haul Mobile Research Network and Volunteer to Help Us, Click on the Link Below:

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