Mandates Will Be Necessary To Convince 93 Million Americans To Accept The Vaccine

Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci inadvertently hinted at why moving the goalposts on herd immunity is important to the Biden Administration’s strategy for mandating vaccines. Because now once the FDA grants final approval for the jabs (already a foregone conclusion), it will give businesses and colleges the green light to start mandating vaccinations for workers and patrons alike.

Now that 70% of adults have been vaccinated, the government is only going to continue ramping up its campaign. “I’d settle for 70% or 80%, but I’d love to see 90%,” Dr. Fauci said.

In terms of how it might inspire more people to get vaccinated, Dr. Fauci insisted that FDA approval would be a “game-changer” for the vaccine (Despite survey data showing more than half of those who haven’t been vaccinated are firmly skeptical of vaccines).

Despite what the administration has said about giving people the freedom of choice on vaccines, Dr. Fauci revealed that the Biden Administration is depending on vaccine mandates to coerce 100% of Americans to accept the vaccine.

The only way to get to this level is via local mandates, Dr. Fauci pointed out. And that’s exactly what people should expect.

“… to get to the 93 million unvaccinated people, we are going to need local mandates”.

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