Israel, 80% Vaccinated, Suffers Another Covid-19 Surge

Country delivers more booster shots, restores mask and quarantine mandates as Delta variant drives up hospitalizations

Authors: Dov Lieber

TEL AVIV—After becoming one of the first countries to open up thanks to a widespread Covid-19 vaccination campaign, Israel is again on guard, this time against the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

Mask mandates are back, including requirements to mask up for large outdoor gatherings. Many venues require people to show proof of vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test or proof of recovery from the virus. People returning from most countries have to quarantine for at least a week, even if they are fully vaccinated. Over-60s are being offered a third, booster shot of Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine, and the government is planning to offer it to younger recipients with the hopes it can suppress the rise of cases of severe illness.

Health officials are warning that Israel could face a fourth lockdown during the Jewish holiday season in September if the country doesn’t improve on its 80% adult vaccination rate and deliver more booster shots.

A little over a month ago, day-to-day life in Israel was quickly getting back to normal. People were dining indoors or attending concerts without needing the so-called green pass, a digital certificate stored on phones to show the holder is fully vaccinated. But the more contagious Delta variant is forcing a change in tack, in a test case for what could happen elsewhere, including countries with high vaccination rates.

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