WHO changes definition of herd immunity

In a June 14, 2021 article by Christianity Daily, Dr. Marty Makary of John’s Hopkins School of Medicine is quoted as saying the the US has achieved herd immunity for the Covid virus. About 50% of the US population have had the corona virus and about 132 million Americans have been fully vaccinated. He estimates that between the two groups, about 85% of the population have immunity to the virus. Dr. Makary has given several outspoken interviews on herd immunity and vaccines in the past. He is certainly not an anti-vaccer, but he decries the failure of leadership that characterizes herd immunity as coming from vaccinations alone. The World Health Organization now has declared that only the vaccinated are a part of “The Herd.” And the recent CDC policies on masking, vaccinating, and social distancing suggest that they side with the WHO. Dr. Makary chides the medical community for not speaking up more strongly and encourages people to listen less to the CDC and to start living again. He insists that the science on the issue is clear: people who have had covid have immunity and should not be forced or shamed into being vaccinated.

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