Anyone who’s had Covid might encounter side effect which could impact you every day

Authors: Terri-Ann Williams Published: 11:08 ET, Nov 22 2022 The Sun

IF you’ve had Covid-19 then you could be plagued by memory issues, researchers have warned.

Experts at Hull York Medical School said memory function can improve over time, but that those with ongoing Covid symptoms could continue to experience issues.

This is also known as long Covid, with many Brits suffering with the condition, which includes symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog and severe fatigue.

Medics said that it’s widely known the virus can cause respiratory issues, but that memory issues aren’t as well researched.

The experts used an online anonymous survey which included a memory quiz.

Over 5,400 people took part between December 2020 and July 2021, with around 31 per cent having had one Covid infection during that time.

The factors which significantly affected memory scores were found to be Covid-19 status, age, time post-Covid and whether individuals were experiencing ongoing symptoms.

Experts also looked at memory scores and found that those over the age of 25 had a decline in function.

Writing in Plos One, they said that memory scores gradually increased over a period of 17 months post-Covid.

However, those with ongoing symptoms continued to show a reduction in memory scores.

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