What Is COVID Fatigue?

Authors: Paul Thagard Ph.D.

Pandemic fatigue is a complex of emotions that includes sadness and boredom.

The scientific study of pandemics requires the cooperation of many medical fields including virology, epidemiology, and pulmonology. The impact of behavior on disease spread shows that psychology belongs in the collaboration.

Here are some of the questions that psychology should help to answer.

  1. Why do scientists believe that COVID-19 is caused by the novel coronavirus and that wearing masks is a helpful measure for controlling it?
  2. Why do some ordinary people and leaders deny COVID-19 risks and reject effective measures?
  3. Why do some individuals and leaders make bad decisions about COVID-19 and how could their decision-making be improved?
  4. How can doubtful people be convinced that COVID-19 is a serious problem that needs to be handled with strong measures such as lockdowns and wearing masks?
  5. Why do some people who believe that COVID-19 is a serious problem nevertheless take dangerous risks?

For More Information: https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/hot-thought/202011/what-is-covid-fatigue

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