The unexplained rise in excess deaths around the world

This phenomenon requires an urgent inquiry and research into the actual causes

Authors: Murray Hunter Jul 6, 2022

Since the beginning of 2022, there has been a significant rise in excess deaths. Covid-19 has made up only a small percentage of these excess deaths. Excess deaths is a measurement of the number of deaths from all causes above what we would expect, based upon a five year rolling average. The mainstream media is not carrying this story, even though this is a major concern to public health.

As an example, according to Our World in Data excess mortality for the week ending June 19 in New Zealand was 205 above the average for the same time between 2015-2019, before the pandemic. This is not just exclusive to New Zealand, where the United Kingdom was 15% above the average, in Germany 12%. In early weeks the excess averages were even higher in many countries.

However, if one looks at UK statistics to the week June 24, Covid deaths were 309, only 2.8% of 12,278 deaths for the week. Out of that figure 1,308 were excess non-Covid related deaths. UK government statistical data also tells us that 31.5% of excess deaths occurred at home, 12.1% in hospitals, 10.3% in care homes, and 10.1% in other settings.

This rise in excess deaths is not exclusive to the countries mentioned above.

There needs to be an urgent investigation into the rise in excess deaths around the world. At this point of time, it is unknown what the precise reasons for these deaths really are.

Some of the possible reasons could be;

·        Stress from the lockdowns and restrictions (often the health effects are delayed),

·        Suicides,

·        Lack of access to healthcare during the pandemic, where people weren’t being diagnosed for diseases,

·        Delays in the treatment of non-Covid diseases,

·        Stress from the current food and inflation crisis,

·        Long term effects from Covid that haven’t been picked up by research, for example increase in the risk of heart attacks and strokes,

·        Vaccinations,

·        Increasing autoimmune diseases, and/or

·        New medicines utilized for the treatment of Covid.

During the pandemic we saw headlines and graphic pictures portraying a single Covid related death. However, now statistics are showing up an unusual bump up in the number of excess deaths, this is hardly reported.

This lesson to public health authorities here is that there are other risks to public health than Covid-19.

Rising excess death rates around the world is a matter of concern, particularly in this endemic period. Public health authorities must urgently sanction studies into this issue. If these deaths have occurred from latent effects of lockdowns and restrictions, this must be known for future public policy.

The statistics indicate that this has gone much further than anecdotal reports of people dying suddenly.

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