COVID-19 One Year Later

Authors: Giuseppe NovelliMichela BiancolellaRuty Mehrian-ShaiVito Luigi ColonaAnderson F. BritoNathan D. GrubaughVasilis VasiliouLucio Luzzatto & Juergen K. V. Reichardt 

COVID-19 has engulfed the world and it will accompany us all for some time to come. Here, we review the current state at the milestone of 1 year into the pandemic, as declared by the WHO (World Health Organization). We review several aspects of the on-going pandemic, focusing first on two major topics: viral variants and the human genetic susceptibility to disease severity. We then consider recent and exciting new developments in therapeutics, such as monoclonal antibodies, and in prevention strategies, such as vaccines. We also briefly discuss how advances in basic science and in biotechnology, under the threat of a worldwide emergency, have accelerated to an unprecedented degree of the transition from the laboratory to clinical applications. While every day we acquire more and more tools to deal with the on-going pandemic, we are aware that the path will be arduous and it will require all of us being community-minded. In this respect, we lament past delays in timely full investigations, and we call for bypassing local politics in the interest of humankind on all continents.

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