COVID-19 Sleep & Dream Assessment

The Foundation provides these health tracking & monitoring applications for those recovering from COVID-19 Long-haul illnesses. Use this Mobile Dream & Sleep widget to record sleep disruptions and other problems associated with COV-induced insomnia. We do not track individual’s data for any of the public monitoring, but instead use aggregate data to better understand the overall impact of the COV virus on health. The Foundation makes available a more robust tracking and monitoring system for those who Volunteer to Join our Research Network at

What time is it?
How many hours did you sleep before you were awakened
How disruptive to your daily activities are your sleep problems.
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On a scale of 1 to 10 How Concerning Was/were these events.
Use this diary to record details from the event. This is for your personal use. For a more robust dream blog visit:
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How many total hours of sleep did you get