Sleep disorders and COVID-19

Sushanth Bhata,∗ and Sudhansu Chokrovertyb Sleep Med. 2022 Mar; 91: 253–261. 2021 Jul 18. doi: 10.1016/j.sleep.2021.07.021 PMCID: PMC8286239 PMID: 34391672 Abstract This chapter summarizes the known associations between COVID-19 and sleep dysfunction, including insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless legs syndrome and nightmares, and touches upon pandemic-related considerations for obstructive sleep apnea and continuous positive airway pressure treatment. Treatment strategies and management approaches […]

Can COVID-19 Cause Insomnia and Sleep Problems?

September 13, 2023  Dr. Anis Rehman Internal Medicine Physician  The Sleep Foundation Key Takeaways Even years after the declaration of a global pandemic in March 2020, studies continue to document the effects of COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. A growing body of evidence demonstrates that COVID-19 can cause both short- and long-term View Source sleep […]

Coronasomnia: Definition, Symptoms, and Solutions

Alexa Fry Senior Health Editor Dr. Abhinav Singh Sleep Medicine Physician August 2023 For many Americans, sleep problems aren’t new. More than one-third of Americans haven’t received enough sleep on a regular basis for years. Lack of good sleep is such a widespread problem that the CDC has called it a “public health epidemic.” Sleep-deprivation was already […]

Cognitive disorders and sleep disturbances in long COVID]

Authors: Claudia Schilling 1, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg 2, Janina Isabel Schweiger 2PMID: 35576015 PMCID: PMC9109661 DOI: 10.1007/s00115-022-01297-z Background: During the last 2 years of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, knowledge about the long-term effects of the disease, the so-called long COVID, has rapidly grown; however, many questions remain unanswered, especially regarding the causes of persistent symptoms and their prognosis. Cognitive disorders and sleep disturbances […]

Doctor’s Checklist for Treating Long COVID Patients

Written by Hallie Levine April 4, 2023 Lisa McCorkell had a mild bout of COVID-19 in March 2020. Young and healthy, she assumed that she would bounce back quickly. But when her fatigue, shortness of breath, and brain fog persisted, she realized that she most likely had long COVID.  “Back then, we as patients basically coined […]

Struggling to sleep following a COVID-19 infection? You’re not alone, experts say

Authors: Olivia WillisABC Health & Wellbeing  23 Mar 2022 Posted July 2022 When Jen Martin tested positive for COVID-19 in early February, she was surprised by just how unwell she felt. “I didn’t have a fever but I had very serious aches and pains, crazy lethargy, and a hacking cough,” she says. “I certainly felt […]

Lifestyle risk behaviors among adolescents: a two-year longitudinal study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Authors: Anne Gardner1, Jennifer Debenham1, Nicola Clare Newton1, Cath Chapman Fiona Elizabeth Wylie2, Bridie Osman1, Maree Teesson, Katrina Elizabeth Champion The British Medical Journal Abstract Objective To examine changes in the prevalence of six key chronic disease risk factors (the “Big 6”), from before (2019) to during (2021) the COVID-19 pandemic, among a large and geographically diverse sample of adolescents, and […]

University Study Finds Higher Risk Of Psychiatric Diagnoses Among COVID-19 Patients

Authors: Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times  June 9,2022 A recent study published by Oregon State University discovered that COVID-19 infected individuals have a higher chance of developing psychiatric disorders within about four months of contracting the virus. For the study, published in World Psychiatry on May 7, researchers used data from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C). They […]

Sleep Disturbances, Fatigue Common In Patients Who Recovered From COVID

 Authors: June 4, 2022  Eurasia Review Nearly all patients who recovered from COVID-19 report lingering fatigue, while half experience sleep disturbances, according to a recent analysis from Cleveland Clinic. Researchers found that race, obesity, and mood disorders are contributors. Investigators analyzed data from 962 patients from the Cleveland Clinic ReCOVer Clinic between February 2021 and April 2022. The […]

Warning to anyone who’s had Covid as scientists discover symptoms that can last for TWO YEARS

Authors: Vanessa Chalmers, Digital Health Reporter May 11 2022  May 12 2022 DOCTORS have discovered the symptoms of Covid that can last for two years or more.  Their research has shown that half of patients admitted to hospital are still likely to have at least one persistent problem two years later. The study, published in […]