COVID Vaccines Causally Linked to Increased Mortality, Resulting in 17 Million Deaths: Scientific Report

Data suggest COVID-19 vaccines haven’t saved lives, but instead, have resulted in 17 million deaths and increased all-cause mortality in 17 countries. By Megan Redshaw, 9/28/2023 The Epoch Times A new scientific report challenges the idea that COVID-19 vaccines have prevented deaths after researchers assessed all-cause mortality in 17 countries and found COVID-19 vaccines did not […]

COVID Surge Turns Into Trickle As Hospital Admissions Wane

SEP 29, 2023 – 07:20 AM Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times  After multiple weeks of increasing COVID-19 hospital admissions, federal data show that the figure is now falling. In the week ending Sept. 16, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show hospitalizations are down 4.3 percent. The number had been increasing […]

COVID-19 Virus Levels In Wastewater Have Dropped

SEP 22, 2023 – 02:25 PM Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times  Wastewater COVID levels have shown a decline in recent weeks while the number of hospital admissions due to infections have seen an uptick. The levels of SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 infection, has dropped by 5 percent in the two weeks […]

Long COVID Impacts an Estimated 19 Million Americans

The COVID-19 Long haul Foundation September 19, 2023 As of September 18, 2023, the latest data from the CDC shows that 7.5% of all adults in the United States have “long COVID” symptoms, defined as symptoms lasting three or more months after first contracting the virus, and that they didn’t have prior to their COVID-19 […]

Doctors Are Now Struggling to Differentiate Between Covid, Allergies, and Common Cold – ‘We Only Knew It Was Covid Because We Tested’

By Jim Hᴏft Sep. 17, 2023  Medical professionals are finding it increasingly challenging to distinguish between Covid-19, allergies, and the common cold. Gone are the days when the loss of taste or smell and a dry cough were the telltale signs of Covid-19. According to Dr. Erick Eiting, vice chair of operations for emergency medicine at Mount […]

Covid to blame for just 1% of weekly deaths from all causes across the US, CDC data shows

By ALEXA LARDIERI U.S. DEPUTY HEALTH EDITOR DAILYMAIL.COM 29 August 2023 Covid was to blame for just 1 percent of weekly deaths from all causes across the US in the most recent week, CDC data shows. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Covid dashboard shows 324 Covid deaths were registered in the week ending […]

Large study provides scientists with deeper insight into long COVID symptoms

May 25, 2023, 11:00 AM EDT NHLBI NEWS News Release NIH-funded research effort identifies most common symptoms, potential subgroups, and initial symptom-based scoring system – with aim of improving future diagnostics and treatment Initial findings from a study of nearly 10,000 Americans, many of whom had COVID-19, have uncovered new details about long COVID, the […]

Secret Letter To CDC: Top Epidemiologist Suggests Agency Misrepresented Scientific Data To Support Mask Narrative

WEDNESDAY, AUG 23, 2023 Authored by Megan Redshaw via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Documents recently obtained from the National Institutes of Health suggest public health officials used inaccurate information and misrepresented medical research to advance their policy objective that masks prevent severe COVID-19 and virus transmission—despite opposing scientific evidence received from experts. In a recently obtained […]

Modeling Gone Bad.

And here we go again, more evidence of harms done. Authors: Robert W Malone MD, MS Age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in the non-elderly population Environmental Research, Volume 216, Part 3, 1 January 2023, 114655 Abstract The largest burden of COVID-19 is carried by the elderly, and persons living in nursing homes are particularly […]

Non-pharmaceutical interventions, vaccination, and the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant in England: a mathematical modelling study

Lancet. 2021 Nov 13; 398(10313): 1825–1835.  doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(21)02276-5 PMCID: PMC855091 Authors: Raphael Sonabend, PhD,a,† Lilith K Whittles, PhD,a,b,c,† Natsuko Imai, PhD,a,† Pablo N Perez-Guzman, MD,a,† Edward S Knock, PhD,a,b,† Thomas Rawson, DPhil,a Katy A M Gaythorpe, PhD,a Bimandra A Djaafara, MRes,a Wes Hinsley, PhD,a Richard G FitzJohn, PhD,a John A Lees, PhD,a Divya Thekke Kanapram, PhD,a Erik M Volz, PhD,a Azra C Ghani, Prof, PhD,a Neil M Ferguson, Prof, DPhil,a,b,** Marc Baguelin, PhD,a,b,d and Anne […]