The COVID-19 Long-haul Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists survivors of COVID-19 illnesses and those injured by COVID-19 vaccines and provides resources to research, educate and restore health. The Foundation maintains a variety of on-line programs where Long-haul patients can find clinicians and researchers who are treating and studying the long-term effects of the COVID-19 virus on the human body. The Foundation maintains an extensive library containing thousands of journal and news articles that detail the effects of COVID-19 on the human body, current treatment options and research concerning the underlying causality of problems caused by the COVID virus and COVID vaccines. And the Foundation maintains research registries and a clinical referral program to help match patients with the resources needed to find cures for Long-haul chronic diseases.

Long-haul illnesses include a wide variety of chronic conditions including Brain Fog, Confusion, Dizziness, Problems with taste and smell, Extreme Fatigue, Clot and Bleeding Disorders, Heart & Lung damage, G.I. upset, Shortness of Breath, Vision Loss, Dysautonomia and other Neurological Conditions that compromise activities of daily living.

The foundation was established by a nationally recognized medical researcher. Dr. Murphy was awarded the Columbia University GS Medal of Distinction in 2000 for his expertise in diagnostic medicine and the use of A.I. technologies to advance treatment of disease.

In January 2020 he contracted Long-COVID after caring for a patient who appeared to have pneumonia. As his long-haul illness advanced, he found that the medical establishment was reluctant to recognize that a new spectrum of chronic illness was affecting a large percentage of people who had contracted COVID-19 or some who had received the COVID vaccines. In addition, most physicians had no idea how to treat the wide spectrum of medical conditions caused by the virus and the body’s immune response to it. The Foundation was established to help those who are suffering from chronic medical conditions associated with the virus to find the resources needed to regain their health and improve their daily lives. It also is dedicated to educating the medical community about COVID-19 Long-haul disease and to keep physicians up to date on the latest research on the associated diseases and treatments for Long-haul.

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